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The Society’s Journal is one of the great benefits that a member receives on joining the LRFHS - it is part of an annual membership subscription. It is produced in A5 format with coloured covers and its 70 plus pages are usually illustrated throughout.

The Journal features articles by members of the Society and news from different county groups. There is a regular feature from the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester, and Rutland; along with Committee News and Views. The Journal also records details of new members, along with their contact details, as well as a listing of family names in which they are interested.

Members of the Society can also submit enquiries to the Journal’s Query Box section, which allows members to help each other when a research problem is encountered.

The Journal remains a firm favourite of all members as it features both small articles, a miscellany of gleanings from various documentary sources, as well as articles of a more scholarly nature.

Articles for inclusion in the Journal may be sent to the editor by conventional mail (see the address in the Journal) or by sending an E-mail. The editor prefers MS-WORD.doc files, as they aid the editing process. However, you may send the article in a plain text E-mail. Please supply images in JPEG format at greater than 200dpi. An article writer must provide their name, LRFHS membership number, and postal address. An article will only show a writer’s name and membership number, unless the writer asks for inclusion of other details, such as a contact E-mail address.

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