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From its foundation in 1974 the society has kept its membership in touch with newsletters and journals. Additionally, the LRFHS has produced many different indexes of baptisms, marriages, and burials, covering the counties of Leicestershire and Rutland. Indexes have also been produced of census returns, military records, and poor law material. These publications have all reflected the enthusiasm and commitment of members of the society, both past and present.

In more recent years many of the society publications have been released as CDs. However, as technology has moved on download sales are now the preferred means of disseminating the results of society projects.

The society has produced a variety of publications that will soon be available online. Purchase will be by direct download after an electronic payment is made. Payments will be possible by using Paypal or a secure credit/debit card payment system.

At the time of writing (08/07/2018) the LRFHS is moving its online sales to a commercial genealogy download site. This is a move away from the previous downloads site which has now gone away.

Please check back periodically to this page to see when the new download sales are live on the internet.

Thank you for you patience whilst changes are made.

LRFHS Publications

The Society Newsletter No. 1. overlaid with publications which continue to be produced by the LRFHS