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The volunteers who give their time freely to the running of the LRFHS Research Centre kindly provide a search service to help members with their family history research.

If your research has some to a stop because a genealogical conundrum is perplexing you, why not see if the centre’s volunteers can help provide you with assistance by locating a family history record that will allow your family tree to grow.

Use the below ENQUIRY FORM below to send your enquiry to the Research Centre volunteers.

Please keep an enquiry factual, brief, and focused on a specific problem that you may have. The Research Centre volunteers will do their best to try and help you, or make a suggestion for actions on your part.

Please be mindful that some time may elapse before you will receive a reply, as the volunteers run the centre, and if they are busy their time to assist you may be limited.

A volunteer at the centre will email you with their findings.

This service is free to members. However, if you are not a member of the LRFHS we will try to help you on the understanding that you will make a donation to the society.

The LRFHS Members’ Research Service

Research Centre Enquiry Form

If you have trouble using the form Email the LRFHS Research Centre by using the below